Painted rocks known as Lichtfladderaars (Lightflutterers) –  which are Light & Love carriers in Dutch, made by Mariette Eikelboom

Lichtfladderaars are known as photographs of your soul, as they tune in to the inner light of someone. Lichtfladderaars make a connection and let the people know that they are not alone. The starting point is always that extra Light & Love will fly into or make a connection there may be between people of all ages through time lines. Golden wings carry wherever love is needed and if there’s enough, they may fly to another person that Light & Love needs. Lichtfladderaars make a circle of light and love around the earth.

Mariette Eikelboom always makes a connection from the soul of someone. This is the starting point of all her work. She picks up your energy, even if you're not next to her and she translated this. Mariette also sees your guides and protectors and consulted with them. Mariette therefore never makes the same Lichtfladderaar or painting, because she see that every soul is unique and carry's his of her own energy.

Mariette uses stones that she carefully hand picked at the seashore in France. Each Lichtfladderaar is unique and hand made exclusively to order.

A Lichtfladderaar cost € 25,00 (without shippingcosts) and comes in a little pouch, with your own personal text. 

​Shippingcosts to the United Kingdom is 12,00 euro/ Shippingcosts to Amerika is 20,00 euro/ Shippingcosts to Europa is 9,00 euro.

To order a Lichtfladderaar:

Mariette needs the name of the person who gets the Lichtfladderaar. The energy that comes free by only the name, is enought for Mariette to make the Lichtfladderaar. Mariette carries your soul and the one that carries you, with love.

If you live outside the Netherlands and want to order a Lichtfladderaar or have a question about Mariette her energy work and consultation,  you can send her a email:

** ​Thank you for your wings that may carry another Lichtfladderaar in to this world..





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